A sad moment: we're shutting up shop

Due to the COVID-19 situation, our Chinese supplier has had to shut down. We've experienced supply difficulties since Christmas which has caused us to be out of stock in the last two months. That situation remains without a solution in sight.


We've put a huge research and development effort into our WiCap wireless tyre pressure  monitoring system (TPMS) which has been focussed specifically on caravans and motorhomes. Much of that effort has been in coding our own very advanced app to complement the WiCaps.

Because the supply situation with the hardware (the WiCap pressure sensors) is an unknown, I am considering whether or not we should complete the final stage and testing of our WiCap app.

I am also considering  if we should manufacture our own design of WiCap in the UK.

                                   in association with:

We love working with the Caravan and Motorhome Club and we've so enjoyed the enthusiasm and kindness expressed by our customers: Club members.


If we can open up shop again we will. As a first step, we may release our app but it will have to be a low-cost purchase on App Store, rather than the free app we had envisaged pre-COVID-19 .


We work very closely with the Caravan and Motorhome Club, so they will be the first to know if we make progress. Please watch out for any news on the Club website or in your magazine. 


Once we all get moving again, I hope your caravan or motorhome will become a means of maintaining social distancing while you  get that holiday or expedition you've been so looking forward to.

Keep safe. 

David White, CEO