FlashCap fitting guide


Check and correct tyre pressures This is critical! The FlashCap calibrates to this pressure and can only be calibrated once. (The kit does not include a tyre pressure gauge).


Remove the label from end of FlashCap. Rotate outer sleeve so its slots align with the internal grooves.

Slide security key into slots of sleeve. The key makes it easy to screw the FlashCap on to the

valve stem but difficult for a thief to remove it.


Using key, screw the FlashCap on to the valve

stem, clockwise. Makes sure it's tightly fitted because this is when the FlashCap calibrates itself to the tyre pressure. Keep the key located in the FlashCap.


Now check the Flashcap

This is a simple step: unscrew the FlashCap SLIGHTLY until you hear a hiss of air escaping and the cap will start flashing. Immediately and firmly re-tighten FlashCap, clockwise – at which point it should stop flashing. If the cap does not flash, consult the printed user guide that is supplied with the Flashcap kit.


For extra protection, you can slide the silicone rubber cover (supplied with the FlashCap kit) over the FlashCap to give extra protection.