LED tyre low-pressure alert

FlashCap helps you avoid

accidentally driving 

with under-inflated tyres

The Big Deal*.

When you run your tyres at correct pressure . . .

 You save up to 4% in fuel,

You optimise ride, road-holding and braking.

You enjoy a better, less harsh ride.

You gain 25 to 30 % more tyre life.

You reduce the risk of a tyre-related accident by 3x**

*Figures relate to a comparison with tyres running at 25% under-inflation.

**NHTSA. See our Tyre Safety page for information sources and guidance 

Check your tyres in a flash

Flashcap with LED blinking

normal pressure


Fitting a FlashCap takes seconds

You use a special key (supplied) that makes

the FlashCap theft-resistant.

The outer case spins freely, making it impossible

to remove the FlashCap without the key. 

When FlashCaps are first fitted, they self-calibrate

to the pressure in the tyre. Once calibrated,

this pressure is permanently set

and cannot be changed.  

FlashCap is great for all your vehicles* 

*TPMS is legal requirement, for all cars and vans manufactured after 2014.

FlashCap range is 10 to 80psi (0.7 to 5.5 bar).

Tyres on large motorhomes, horse trailers and flat-bed trailers

typically run at pressures higher than 80psi.

Therefore, before purchasing FlashCaps. Please check that

your vehicle's/ trailer's tyres do not exceed this range.

If you do have high-pressure tyres, we suggest fitting our WiCaps.

FlashCap specification

FlashCaps are built to a very high specification

and should not be confused with

cheap, mechanical pressure gauge valve caps.


Sensor  specification


Overall height:  24.3mm

Outside diameter: 15.5mm

Extension to valve stem when fitted:  14.8mm

(Please check that the FlashCaps, when fitted,

will not extend beyond the outer wall of your tyres)

Weight: 13.5g (per FlashCap)


Theft-resistant rotating stainless steel outer sleeve

Brass body

Glass-reinforced nylon valve thread.


Schrader valve thread  only

Pressure sensing

10 to 80psi  (0.7 to 5.5 bar)

(Unlike WiCaps, FlashCaps do not provide

in-vehicle warning of tyre under-inflation.

We recommend checking that caps are

not flashing before starting each journey)



One-time at first fitting

(FlashCap cannot subsequently be re-calibrated) 


Threshold for LED alert (flashing)

Calibrated pressure less 4 psi  (0.3 bar)

Wheel balance

May be impacted with light alloy wheels at high speeds



Typical life: 2 years

LED flash duration: typically one week

Battery is not replaceable

Place of manufacture: Mainland China