Keeping tyre pressures in check

We wish all our customers safe through the crisis we are facing. Perhaps your caravan or motorhome can provide a 'second home' for friends or neighbours who have a family member who needs to self-isolate in a house that has no spare rooms or a second bathroom. 

Please don't be tempted to use your vehicle to 'set-up camp' somewhere else, perhaps in a remote part of the country.

It won't surprise you that we are out of stock because our components are sourced from China. Should you wish to be informed when we have products available, do please email me via this site. Gaining an idea of demand will be very helpful in letting me assign the right production resources.

Please stay safe.    David White

Hassle. Risk. Cost. Sorted.

Checking and monitoring tyre pressures:

Something we all mean to do.  

But we don’t do we?

Because it’s a hassle.

And it's impossible on the move.

Now we offer a low-cost antidote

to the costly (and dangerous) consequences of running tyres

at the wrong pressures . . .

A product that simply replaces

the valve caps on your wheels.

A product that continuously

and accurately radios pressures from your tyres to your iPhone*.

*Owing to a series of recent Google updates to Android, many apps  have experienced 'issues'. The third-party Android app used by WiCap has suffered from this and, as a result, currently only works with Android versions 6 and 9.  iOS (any version) for iPhone or iPad works just fine.

A must for motorhomes,

caravans or anything else

you tow: horse trailers, boat trailers. In fact, any trailer.

Fantastic offer

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I'm David White, CEO of Boo9, a UK family business. 

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We ship WiCaps from our UK base.

We offer a no-quibble returns policy and full warranty cover. 

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