Our returns & warranty policy

We think you will be delighted with your new purchase.

If not, return it and we'll refund your money, subject to the 'small print' below. Our terms & conditions are designed to be fair to both you and us. Most importantly, our aim is clarity and transparency. If you feel anything is unclear, please let us know. To take advantage of our Returns and Warranty policy, you must retain the invoice number and date of your purchase.


1.1. If you have a warranty claim, please jump to the 'WARRANTY section below. The promises made in clauses 1.2 to 1,4 are subject to the conditions set out in section 2 below. 'Item' means one or more products you have purchased from us. 'We' and 'Us' means Boo9 Limited. 'You' means the purchaser of an item supplied by us to you.


1.2. If you cancel your order BEFORE the item you've purchased is packed for shipping, you will receive a full refund of the price paid for the items within 14 days of you placing the order


1.3. If you aren't delighted with what you buy from us, we promise a full refund with 14 days of purchase subject to the conditions below.


1.4. 'Full refund' means what it says.  Simply return the item to us within 14 days from the date shown on the Dispatch Note and we'll refund both the price of the goods AND the post & packing price for us shipping the goods to you in the first place. You can expect your refund within 14 days from the date on which we receive your returned item. The refund will be made to the credit card account that you used for the purchase.




2.1. The returned items must not been dismantled.

2.2. The item must be returned undamaged in original packaging.

If you use your own packaging and the item is damaged in transit, we reserve the right to withhold all or part of the purchase price to cover the cost of the damage.


2.4. The item must not been subjected to handling such that the value of the item is diminished.


2.5. You must pay the postage cost of returning the item to us unless you are making a warranty claim. 



Please follow this process for returning goods to us:


i) If you wish to return an item, please alert us via the email form on the 'Contact' page of this website. Important: it is essential that you state the invoice number and date of purchase because, for your privacy, we will have deleted your contact details from our server.


ii) Re-pack the item in its original packaging.


iii) Cover the original address label on the packaging with the peel-off address label on the Dispatch Note.


iv) Return the package to us by using a Post Office counter and obtain proof of postage from the Post Office. Please do not post the package in any other way.


v) Please keep your certificate of postage safe as you may need this as your proof of return of the item.

vi) It is your responsibility if the returned item is lost in transit (which is why we ask you to get proof of purchase from a Post Office counter).




4.1. You may return an item – for replacement free of charge if it was damaged on receipt – provided you do so within 14 days of discovering the damage. Please note that we may not be required to provide a replacement if you have used the goods after discovering the damage.

4.2. You may return a product – for replacement free of charge –

if it can be shown to have failed through defective workmanship or material that causes the item to longer function correctly, subject to  the following conditions:


i) The failure has occurred within one year from the date shown on your Dispatch Note.


ii) The failure is not simply cosmetic deterioration caused by fair wear and tear or damage caused by accident or misuse.


iv) The product’s battery is not the cause of the failure.

v) Any software or app used in conjunction with the product is not the cause of failure or mis-function.


v) The item has not been opened or dismantled.

4.3. If you need to make a warranty claim, please alert us via the email form on the 'Contact' page of this website.  Please state the invoice number and date of purchase.

Stay safe