2-WiCap smart wireless tyre pressure monitoring system


A kit with two WiCaps that simply replace the valve caps on your wheels. We offer a fantastic 50% discount for club members – so make sure you have a voucher code before checking out. 


Each WiCap has a microcomputer, a pressure sensor and a radio transmitter. This means the WiCaps can measure the pressure in your tyres and transmit it directly and continuously to your smartphone. WiCaps use a free Bluetooth app which is available in iOS and Android versions. The app requires Bluetooth 4.2 or 5.


The kit – in an attractive presentation box – contains four WiCaps, four lock-nuts, a handy folding spanner for battery-changing & fitting. The kit also provides a very comprehensive, easy-to-understand,

Boo9-produced user guide. We offer a no-quibble returns policy, subject only to the T&Cs on this site.