The app

TPMSii is a third-party app that is required to enable your mobile device to receive WiCaps' continuous wireless transmission of tyre pressures.


Due to recent updates by Google to Android, the current version of Android TPMSii may be affected. Apple iOS is not affected. I am building up a database of what Android versions and what types of phone or tablets the app won't work with. If you plan to use an Android device with WiCaps, can I encourage you to purchase, knowing that you get a full refund and postage-paid return* if your version of Android fails to work. You'll find out in just a few minutes if there is an issue and you don't have to run your vehicle in the process. It's a go/no-go issue,

not a case of reliability or accuracy. If you are prepared to try the app and let me know, I can feedback to the Chinese developer what versions of Android and Android phones are affected (or not), so that they can rapidly achieve a fix. While that happens, return* the product for a full refund if you want to.

* within 14 days of receipt and subject to the terms and conditions

set-out on this site.

You can download the app by clicking below to get direct to Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The WiCap user guide covers both Android and iOS versions.

(The app is illustrated in the app stores using its Chinese version. Don't worry: it really is in English! And our user guide really was written by us comprehensively in English (not gibberish)!

For Android compatibility see note above.

This link has been updated.

To be blunt, the TPMSii app has a terrible user interface for setting it up but thereafter it displays your tyre pressures just fine. Also, the app is reliable and it exploits the incredible 

high-pressure accuracy of WiCaps.

At Boo, we're working on our very own app which offers a very advanced specification that we've tailored especially for the high-pressure tyres of motorhomes, caravans, horse boxes etc.

I ask you to please be patient and support us while we develop what will be the most sophisticated TPMS app on the market – with multi-level spoken alarms and a beautiful user interface.

It will be available exclusively to you, our customers.

As soon as it's available, we'll let you know. Meanwhile, please do take advantage of the existing Chinese app because its safety benefits are still very significant – as we explain on this site.