The app

TPMSii is a third-party app that is required to enable your

Apple or Android mobile device to utilise WiCaps' continuous wireless transmission of tyre pressures.

WiCaps use Bluetooth to communicate with your device.

They are compatible with Bluetooth (BLE) 4.2 up,

(including Bluetooth 5 on new-generation devices).

Tap a button below to download the certificated app

(in English) from App Store or Google Play. (The app is illustrated using its Chinese version. Don't worry: it is in English!)

In the video below, I explain how WiCaps are connected to the app you'll download. This is a process called 'pairing'

(or 'binding' if you are Chinese!). To my mind, the app isn't exactly elegant, the spelling leaves something to be desired and it has some limitations which are explained on this site (see Specification).


However, it's reliable and it exploits the incredible high-pressure accuracy of WiCaps.

We're working on our own app which offers a very advanced specification that we've tailored especially for the high-pressure tyres of motorhomes, caravans, horse boxes etc.  


It will be free – with no ads of course. And it will only be available to our customers.  As soon as it's available, we'll let you know. Meanwhile, please do take advantage of the existing Chinese app because its safety benefits are still very significant – as we explain on this site.