smart wireless

tyre monitoring system

Helps you always run with

tyre pressures that are spot-on

Helps you always run with

tyre pressures that are spot-on

The Big Deal.*

When you run your tyres at correct pressure . . .

 not under-inflated, not over-inflated . . .

You save up to 4% in fuel.


You optimise ride, road-holding and braking.

You enjoy a better, less harsh ride.

You gain 25 to 30% more tyre life.


And you reduce the risk of a tyre-related accident by 3x.**

What's more, our customers are telling us how

WiCaps have brought to their attention serious issues like

tyres overheating, caravan or motorhome being over-loaded.

One customer told us WiCaps made him realise that

his dealer had fitted the wrong tyres to his motorhome.

Seriously, fit WiCaps as soon as you can.

*Figures relate to a comparison with tyres running at 25% under-inflation.

**Source: NHTSA . See our Safety page for other information sources and guidance 

WiCaps deliver convenience & safety . . .

 WiCaps continually transmit tyre data to your phone

(on the move or stationary).

They sense when pressures change.

And significant pressure-change means that you have a tyre issue that you need to address.

Get safe before you start

Before you start a journey . . .

If one tyre has a lower pressure than the others,

WiCap is telling you that you have probably 

picked up a slow puncture.

Keep safe on the go

On the move, if pressures change by more

than a few psi, WiCaps are detecting a problem.

Pressure goes down (from normal to minus 10% or greater %) :

you have an air-leak (generally a puncture).

And you can do something about it.

Pressure goes up (from normal to plus 15% or more) :

you may have an even more dangerous situation.

With caravans, trailers and motorhomes,

load (laden weight) can vary by orders of magnitude.

So it's easy to miss that the tyres are over-loaded.

Or worse, that you have inadequate tyres. 

WiCaps are sensing what you can't see.

And they are telling your phone there's a pressure

change before you find out the hard way.

Warning: it is unlawful and dangerous to look at your

phone while driving.  Be aware of in-vehicle phone-use restrictions.

Let your 'co-pilot' do the WiCap pressure checking.

Heavy load. High pressures.

No problem. 

WiCaps are accurate even at an amazing 188 psi.

That's more than you're likely to need, even for heavy-load-carrying trailers.


Protection down to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes( IP67 rated)

WiCap fits all

Two or four wheels, any pressure, any tyre type.

From e-bikes to motorhomes. And coming soon . . .

our own app that monitors up to eight tyres. 

WiCap kits for 2 and 4 wheels

Attractive presentation box.

Why not make this a special gift for someone?

The app

After a recent update to Android by Google, some apps are affected. This includes the third-party currently used by WiCaps: TPMSii.

Please click here for more information.


WiCaps utilise a third-party app that is accurate (1%)

and reliable for pressures up to 188psi.

WiCaps have a very comprehensive user-guide in English, written by us with caravan and motorhome users in mind.

Be aware: a current software limitation means this app's

under-inflation voice alarm setting is currently lower than we'd like for higher-pressure commercial tyres.

For high-pressure caravan motorhome tyres,

the important over-pressure voice alarm works great.

The app is limited to two or four wheel applications.


We'd also be happier if the app was a bit more elegant

but we forgive it because it's reliable and super-accurate.


Don't forget, if you find the app doesn't do what you want it to do, you can return your WiCaps for full refund*.

* subject to the terms and conditions on this site.

In development:  our own app

We believe WiCaps deserve a beautiful app

with no limitations. Hence, we are hard at work creating

very advanced, state-of-the-art yet simple-to-use software.

As soon as it's available, it will be exclusively available

to our customers: no-one else.


Stay safe